What Tournaments Are There For The Game CS:GO And What Is The Prize Pool?

The popularity of CS:GO has been growing since its appearance in 2012. The gamer’s community values significant in-game interaction and a well-elaborated system of the online mode. Playing competitive matches became the favorite way of spending time for more than 20 million fans worldwide.

Moreover, CS:GO gives possibilities to improve the skill to the highest level and start an esports career. The most experienced and influential players join teams and qualify for the tournaments with an enormous prize pool. Therefore, let’s find out: What is the biggest CS:GO tournament, and how can a regular player become a millionaire?

CS:GO Tournaments – The Way To Build Your Future

The CS:GO tournaments are considered the most popular online events nowadays. Their prize pool can reach even 2 million dollars. The most skilled teams with a perfect reputation apply for them and compete for the main prize.


Level Of The Teams

Due to the skill and authority level, the teams are divided into several groups, which allows them to participate in the tournaments:

  • Tier 1: the most potent teams belong to this category. They usually win major competitions and are popular among the CS:GO community. NA’VI, Astralis, Vitality, G2, Gambit Esports, Liquid belong to Tier 1.
  • Tier 2: the teams of this category are less powerful but are usually qualified for most major and minor lans. Team Spirit, Ence, Godsent, Forze are Tier 2 teams.
  • Tier 3: the teams do well in minor lans but rarely qualify for majors. They are SKADE, Blink, paiN and the others.
  • Tier 4-5: to this category belong teams who have recently started their esports approach and try to break higher. They usually participate in small tournaments and don’t qualify for the big ones.

At the minor and major tournaments, the teams have equal chances to win and do their best to show their skill and game experience.

Types Of Tournaments

The tournaments have various classifications depending on the prize pool and their carrying out. The method of carrying out divides the games into the following types:

  • Online: the tournaments with a small prize pool and low priority level are carried online. They are usually the first steps of qualifications to big tournaments and small competitions with the prize of no more than 20,000$
  • Offline (the LANs): these tournaments are the most prestigious. All the players meet live to check their skills and try to win. The big contests with a prize pool of more than 100,000-200,000$ are carried offline.

The tournaments are also classified due to their authority level into majors and minors.


These tournaments are usually carried out regionally: in Asia, Europe, CIS, and America. Usually, 8 teams participate in minors and fight for the prize of no more than 50,000$. Tier 1 and 2 teams are traditionally invited to the minors. As a rule, those who took 1-3 places are invited to the major lans.


The most powerful teams meet to win the prize, usually reaching more than 1,000,000$. The majors are sponsored by Valve, which sets the qualification rules. The teams who applied for the CS:GO majors in 2021 were NA’VI, G2< Gambit Esports, BIG, Astralis, Vitality, and the others. To apply for a Major tournament, the team needs to follow one of the rules:

  • Be a Tier 1 team with a legend status and get a direct invitation.
  • Show high results at the previous majors.
  • Win the minor tournament and be automatically qualified for the major one.

However, the rules may be changed, and only the 8 highest teams of the worldwide ranking get the free invitation to the tournament. The teams ranked 9-16 can become challengers and be applied for the qualifications.

Types Of Matches

There are usually 5 types of matches, which are carried at the tournaments:

  • Best of 1: the teams play 1 map to choose the winner.
  • Best of 3: the team who wins 2 of 3 maps is considered the winner.
  • Best of 5: to get victory 3 of 5 matches are required.

In the playoffs, the most regular type is BO3. BO5 is usually played in the grand finals.

How Do You Qualify For CS:GO Tournaments?


The qualifications are also provided regionally to Asia, America, CIS and Europe teams. There are 2 types of qualifications:

  • Opened: each team who wishes to try their skill can apply for this type of qualification. More than 100 teams compete to reach the next step.
  • Closed: the most powerful teams of the opened qualifications can participate in the closed one. The winners get invitations to the major ones.

As said above, several “legendary” teams get the invitations automatically and don’t require passing the qualification step.

What Is The Best CS:GO Tournament?


The last PGL Major Stockholm 2021 was considered the biggest in the game’s history. The prize pool was 2,000,000$, and NA’VI, who won the lan, got 1,000,000$. There are also different tournaments sponsored by various organizations:

  • StarLadder.
  • Dreamhack.
  • ESL One.
  • Blast.
  • Epicenter.
  • WESG.

Each tournament has a different level of prestige and can be carried online and offline.

Skins – An Indispensable Part Of CS:GO


Several small online tournaments use skins as a reward because they were always an essential part of the game. The gamers value them a lot and try to get the desired skins by different methods.

Skin.Club is a fair roulette with a great custom collection of CS:GO cases.Everybody has equal chances to get the most desired items. A community of more than 2 million players worldwide has already tried the high chances to get the skin instead of standard case openings in the game.

To Sum Up

All in all, there are a lot of different competitions nowadays with varying pools of the prize. The most powerful teams of the world fight to achieve the status of the best and the most skilled and win the main prize. How much you win in a CS:GO tournament strictly depends on the sponsors and their type. Building an esports career becomes a real challenge for many game fans. The wish and skill are the main factors, which influence it.

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