Upgrade skins CS GO through contracts

Upgrade skins CS GO

Contracts allow players to upgrade skins in CS GO. The system works in such a way that allows players to exchange skins of one rarity for a higher one, but with a certain condition, under which you give 10 skins to get 1.

In general, upgrade skins in CS GO through contracts allow you not only to exchange a pack of garbage for something more valuable, but with the right approach, you can also make good money on it, but this is more an exception than a rule.

However, if you choose the crafting system as an income, then you need to clearly understand that this is an extremely high-risk investment, in which it is possible but very unlikely, to pay off. It must be clearly understood that if you want to make money on this, then you will have to study a lot, both probability theory and the market itself. This will allow you to roughly understand how profitable it is and how much you can earn from it.

Also, when conducting contracts, it is necessary to conduct a very thorough analysis of the prices of each of the cases, which will allow you to have a clear idea of ​​​​the possible outcomes and possible revenue from the contracts.

Periodically, there are situations in which the result of crafting in all situations will be positive. This means that it does not matter what exactly will fall out, in 99% it will be in +. But this happens very rarely and in order to catch a similar situation, you need to make a thorough analysis of the entire market.

How to exchange?

As for the operation of the system, it is as follows:

  • You purchase or receive and accumulate skins of a certain rarity.
  • When at least 10 skins appear in your inventory, then you open the contract system and upload them there
  • After downloading skins, craft weapons
  • Use weapons in the game or sell on the steam marketplace.

The probability of dropping a particular skin directly depends on the number of skins of a particular collection loaded into the contract. That is, for each downloaded skin of one collection, you will receive a 10% chance of falling out on all skins of this collection.

How does the system work?

CS GO through contracts

In fact, there is nothing remarkable about the work of contracts. Before any contract, you must clearly understand what you want to receive and what you are ready to do for this. Also do not forget that contracts are a lottery, where each player is given a certain chance to get one or another type of weapon, and which weapon he gets depends entirely on what percentage he gets.

However, if you want to make money on contracts, then you need to choose a specific strategy for yourself. To get huge profits, it is recommended to use multiple price multiplication in case of a successful result and obtaining the desired skin.

When crafting weapons, try to choose the same quality for each skin and preferably different from the one straight from the factory. On the one hand, such an action will allow you to save on the purchase of skins, on the other hand, increase possible profits. In addition, quality, as the practice has shown, does not particularly affect the final result. In one, in another case, skins of lower quality will often fall to you. Therefore, we boldly buy worn quality and ship them into contracts.

It is important to consciously approach contracts and understand that it is extremely difficult to make money in this way. In fact, there is an exchange of a lower quality, for a higher one, and often the exchange itself does not take place at the most favorable rate for the players. Thus, each player exchanges his skins, up to a secret rarity, then the exchange is not possible. Accordingly, if you wanted to get, say, a knife, then you will not be able to do this. Either you buy knives on the marketplace, or you get them as a gift, or you open cases and nothing else, otherwise, everything is the same: throw in skins and craft.

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