Tournament: IEM Winter CS:GO

Tournament: IEM Winter CS:GO

The IEM Winter tournament is one of the most prestigious championships for CS: GO players. It belongs to the Intel Extreme Masters series, which is held on the competitive scene of Counter-Strike. As the name implies, it is traditionally carried out in the winter. Annually, the prize fund is increasing. The rules can be slightly modified, but this does not particularly affect the gameplay, atmosphere, and adrenaline.

Each player in Counter-Strike seeks to get into e-sports. This is the dream of any online sportsman. This fuels interest in the game and allows you to win good money for development; meanwhile, the discipline grows globally. The Universe of the Games CS:GO offers a massive number of tournaments for top players and middle-level gamers. One of the key features is profitable awards. The prize fund is usually measured in hundreds of thousands of dollars, and everyone dreams of this prize.

Participant teams and features

16 teams traditionally participate in the tournament. These are the best participants from around the world.

Mostly, 10 places are occupied by invited teams. 2 more slots have the right to occupy the winners of the tournaments DH October OCE and DH October EU. 3 places are allocated to teams from qualifications. The last places are given to those who took the highest positions in the global playoff stage.

There is a chance that in the following years, there may be more participating teams. In any case, this can be found only at the time of publication of the exact date.

Passing teams to stages

The IEM Winter tournament begins by separating all teams into 2 groups. Each of them will have 8 clubs. The game at this stage is made in GSL format. The double-elimination grid is involved with matches like BO3.

Good to know! Double-elimination is a unique tournament grid, according to which the player (in this case, the team) retires immediately after two defeats.

The system is quite in demand and favorably differs from a simple Olympic, where departure occurs after one defeat.

The pluses include:

  • The ability to automatically detect the winner;
  • Reducing the likelihood of the release of strong players from tournaments;
  • The convenience of identifying weak outsiders and so on.

By the way, such a system is also convenient in that there are very few matches between the teams of different forces.

Those teams that turn out to be winners will automatically go to the semi-finals. Clubs that fell in second place in the table will be in the quarter-finals of the upper sowing. The teams that take third place will continue the battle in the quarter-finals of lower sowing. The groups in the table below will be forced to leave the championship.

Next, matches will be held in the playoff format according to the single-elimination system with games like BO3. Clubs who took first place will fight for the title of champion. This match is mainly held in B5 format.

Single-elimination is a unique Olympic-type system. It was developed for organizing competitions. In accordance with it, the player leaves the tournament after the first defeat. That is, for the calculation, the results of either a series or one game are accepted. This allows you to identify the unconditional winner. It is used not only in this tournament but also in 90% of others.

Important! In the coming years, some adjustments can be made to this tournament. This can affect both the rules and the number of teams. Detailed information will be published on our website with its organizers.

By the way, in addition to identifying the winning team, the best participant in the tournament is also determined. This is usually the player whose personal rating was above others. The rating calculation is made according to many criteria.

What is the prize fund?

In the tournament, the prize fund is different every year. For example, the 2021 tournament amounted to 250 thousand dollars. In addition, to the prizes, there were also ESL Pro Tour points.

Prize distribution is carried out in different ways.

Consider the example of 2021:

  • For the first place, the team received 100 thousand dollars; for the second – 42 thousand; and for 3 and 4–20 thousand dollars.
  • For 5 and 6–10 thousand, for 7 and 8–6 thousand dollars.
  • For 9-12-5 thousand, for 13-16-4 thousand dollars.

In the upcoming tournaments, the prize fund, as well as the distribution of prizes, may vary. According to statistics, the amount is slightly increased every year, which motivates players to improve their skills for outstanding achievements.

Useful information

IEM Katowice 2023

The CSGO EM Winter tournament is interesting not only to the players themselves, but also to those who will watch this. Organizer – ESL. It conducts many diverse tournaments with a variety of, but invariably good prize funds. Therefore, it is considered quite popular.

IEM Season XVI Winter is a tournament that is unique in all aspects.

This also applies to the features of the conduction:

  1. Firstly, the teams that play usually know that approximately 50% of the playing composition may change soon.
  2. Secondly, a break between the game stages is almost only in this tournament. In particular, between the quarter and semi-finals.

It is also attractive to the fact that intermediate results are regularly summed up during the rivals’ fight. This is convenient for fans of specific teams.

On our site, you can get all the detailed information about the upcoming tournament, participating teams, stages and systems, and so on. In addition, we offer to get acquainted with the best moments of past tournaments. Short videos will allow you to feel the tournament’s atmosphere, a sense of competition, and the tension of e-sportsmen. The ratings of the teams are also displayed, and expectations are given. And users share opinions and expectations and discuss who will win the competition.

Each CS: GO team can try their hand with sufficient skill and professionalism to become participants in the IEM Winter 2021 tournament. You can start with pumping personal skills and regular training. And for the game to not become boring, you can diversify it with skins. On our site, you will find them in a wide variety and can make a profitable purchase and even free download.

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