Knife CS GO: why to choose and how to use it?

Knife CS GO


The knife CS GO is a melee weapon available to every team in Valve’s Counter-Strike line of games. This weapon is obtained absolutely free of charge, and also it cannot be dropped if you do not take into account the “Forbidden Zone” mode. After Valve released an update dated 01/29/2016, it became possible to use console commands to reset weapons even if you were not inside. In order to drop weapons, you can type in the console “mp_drop_knife_enable 1” without quotes.

Knife CS GO description

Each player has the same melee weapon – a knife CS GO. It is in the arsenal of everyone, it cannot be reset if you do not resort to the help of the console, it is automatically issued free of charge, in each pay. Knives are located in the third slot. It is worth remembering that in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive it can be located under the usual key shocker Zeus x27.

The speed of running with a knife is fast. It has two attack options at once: stabbing (faster) and cutting (slower). A piercing attack does less damage, and a slashing attack is quite capable of killing an opponent in just two hits, or in one hit behind the back or in the head.

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive there are many different knives, but they all share the same characteristics. In addition, in the game mode “Arm Race” there is a Golden Knife, however, it does not have any differences from the standard one itself, and also this quality is the only difference usually.

  • Advantages of using a knife:
  • When used, the steps become silent, which guarantees additional stealth;
  • Access in any mode, and you don’t need to spend money on buying it;
  • They can be used if the main weapon needs urgent reloading at the most inopportune moment;
  • The ability to kill an opponent with just one blow to the back or head;
  • In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the kill reward has been increased. In the competitive mode, you can get 1500 dollars, and in the normal mode, 750 dollars.
  • In the game “Fight to the death” for killing with the help of this weapon, you can get 20 points, and if it is a bonus, then 10.

Cons of using a knife:

  • If you use a piercing attack, then the damage will be very low;
  • If you use cutting mode, then the player is faced with the problem of a long animation;
  • If an enemy with firearms stands in the way of the player, then the knife will be generally useless;
  • When using a shield, the damage from a strike will be extremely low, and a backstab will not work at all.


CS GO Knife

Each player must be able to handle each weapon that is presented in the game itself. Each species has its own characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. It is impossible to predict in advance what weapons and at what moment you will need them, therefore it is very important to own them all. In particular, it is very important to master the game with a knife. If you start playing for an unfamiliar type of weapon, then you can immediately understand its strengths and weaknesses. So it’s worth considering tactical and counter-tactical games with a knife figure.

Tactics of the game:

It is imperative to maneuver around the map, and dodge bullets when using a knife. This can be realized, since the speed of movement thanks to the knife is much higher when compared with many other weapons.

You can easily cut out weakened opponents who need to recharge their weapons. Such a murder will bring much higher money for the murder.

It is worth remembering that in cutting mode, the impact range is much less than in piercing mode. This can be easily seen in practice – if you hit the weapon on the floor. The stabbing mode reaches the floor, but the cutting mode does not.

You need to be extremely agile in knife fights. If the enemy hurts you in a fight in cutting mode, and you miss, then you can say for sure that the battle is lost. You should not believe the person who challenged you to a knife fight. Because in the course of the battle, nothing prevents him from getting a knife and just shooting you. This is very important if you already managed to deal damage, but he could not.

It must be remembered that the sound of a knife strike is still present. It is only slightly higher than the pistols that will be equipped with a silencer.

You can alone, well hidden in a secluded corner, quietly cut out an unsuspecting enemy from the back. But still, in no case should you immediately run after your opponent, but it is better to move quietly, holding Shift. It is also not necessary to attack a whole group of opponents alone. This is not reasonable. You can easily be killed, and you, at best, will take only one player with you.

In Counter-Strike and Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, knives can kill opponents with just one hit to the head. It is necessary to avoid knife fights if the health indicator is rapidly close to zero. But all the same, if you had to engage in a skirmish, then in a battle against weaker opponents, it is worth inflicting stabbing blows, since the animation of his blow is two times higher than in cutting mode.

Knives will be very useful when breaking objects. For example, you can break ventilation hatches and wooden shutters. They don’t use resources and don’t make any extra noise.

Game contact:

  • You can easily eliminate an enemy who has a knife if you have a good distance from him.
  • The opponent can be decently hurt until he takes out his firearms, and it is possible even to kill him.

It is worth avoiding knife fights. All experienced players understand that there are a very large number of different tactics for bypassing attacks, and also the enemy can simply cheat and use firearms.

It is worth constantly checking what is happening behind and on the sides. If it’s too quiet around, and also if you are left 1×1 with opponents, then he can hide in a quiet corner and wait until you pass by. It is imperative to listen to the steps because the opponent can easily give out his location with unsettled movement.

If you use AWP, then you must definitely ask your ally to cover from behind. Or it’s just worth finding a place so that no one can attack from behind.

In modes where you need to defuse a bomb or save a hostage (this is like the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive series), if the terrorists are alive, then it is imperative to listen to the surrounding steps. You can’t let opponents kill you from behind. If you are immobilized, then this can easily lead to death.

Achievements with CS:GO knives

In the games Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, there are various achievements that can be obtained thanks to the game with a knife.

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive:

  • Knife Expert – Kill 100 enemies with a knife.
  • We make an incision – you need to win a fight on knives 1×1.
  • Finished blade – you need to win a hundred fights with knives.
  • Narrow range – you need to kill the owner of the AWP, who at the moment of the murder was aiming with the help of the sight.
  • Street fighter – you need to kill the opponent with a knife in the pistol of the classic mode.

Whoever comes to us with a knife, that one will die from the knife! – you need to kill the enemy who was on the last level with his knife in the game.

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