How to farm CSGO cases?

Farm CSGO cases


No matter what anyone says, cool skins fall from CSGO cases. Valve has developed a special system for this. As you probably already understood, today we will talk about how to farm cases in CS:GO. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start to disassemble everything in order.

How does the drop system work?

Many probably do not know, but the game has a drop counter for each account. The essence of his work is that the skins and CSGO cases will not fall randomly on different accounts, but will be reset once a week, on Wednesday. Again, the skin almost always drops for leveling up.

If you do not know, then in 1 week, with a standard set of games, 2 chests or 1 weapon skin can fall to you. And if the chests are given in regular games, then the weapon skin is given for 3 competitive games.

As for their value, everything will be decided randomly. Garbage can also fall for you, for $0.07, or some cool case, for $10. The same goes for weapons. A penny rubbish may fall out, or some m4a4 Emperor may also fall out.

How to quickly knock out cases in CS:GO?

Cunning players have long figured out how to bypass Valve’s quests for the sake of skins. And now – we will tell you about one of them. In the community, there are special servers where some of the players are AFK, and the other part of the players farm on them.

For example, you want to complete the damage per million tasks. Just imagine how long it will take in competitive mode and even in public. But on special servers – you will complete this task in a few minutes. Let’s figure out what kind of servers these are, magical.

We are talking about IDLE servers. No matter how many there are, they are all designed for the same purpose – completing quests and farming cases.

What are IDLE servers?

IDLE servers


Let’s start with what IDLE servers are and how to use them. Surely you know that CS:GO has community servers or, as they are also called, public ones, if this server has VAC protection, then the account can receive a case when it is on this server, provided that your CS:GO account has Prime Status, namely to be, not to play. And here IDLE servers come to the rescue, on these servers you can easily stand AFK and no one will kick you or object to inaction since these servers are specially created for this. You can use both public IDLE servers and private ones.

All you will need is:

  • In the main menu of the game, where the “play” item is, select “search for community servers”.
  • At the bottom, there will be a search box. Where the map is – drive in IDLE.
  • That’s all. Go to any server and act, depending on what you need. If this is a CS:GO mission, then stand and kill AFK enemies.

If you just want to farm cases, type +Right or +Left in the console and go about your business. As a rule, several hours of standing AFK is enough to farm some interesting cases or even skins.

Selling and making a profit

Let’s say that we have already accumulated cases from all our accounts, it’s time to loot money.

We need an account with an open Prime and this account should not be “Chinese”, but our personal one, yes, we will have to top up $5 to open a Prime. To transfer cases, we need to add our farm accounts as friends to the main account where Prime is open. It is desirable that accounts be friends for at least 1 month before transferring cases. Also, you can automate the transfer of cases using the ASF application, it is not necessary to do this, but if you have a lot of accounts, then you should do this to save time. The Internet is full of information about setting up ASF, you can handle it.

After we have received our cases for an account with an open Prime, we sell the cases.

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