CS GO Blast: what is it and when?

CSGO blast

CS:GO is one of the oldest esports disciplines. The first part of the shooter from Valve was released back in 2000 and since then has only gained its influence in the world of electronic sports. In 2012, a new game was released – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Gradually, well-known teams began to move to CSGO, this discipline is now considered one of the most popular and influential in eSports. That’s why CS GO Blast and other tournaments are so popular.

CS:GO has an open tournament system. Every year, various operators and organizers hold many tournaments at both global and regional levels. The key is the Major – a kind of world championship in CSGO. Winning the Major is the most prestigious for a team. The prize fund of each major is $1 million, while there are two majors a year. In addition to the major, there are other championships and leagues. The main leagues in CS:GO at the moment are ESL Pro Tour and CS GO BLAST Premier.

What is CS GO Blast?

BLAST Premier – founded by RFRSH Entertainment in 2020, which replaced the Pro Series. Although the league has not existed for so long, 9 tournaments were held in the first year, in which a total of 3 million 249 thousand dollars were played. The company has offices in both North America and Europe. Spring Series and Fall Series are the two seasons that make up the BLAST Premier tournament series. A season typically lasts four months. Six teams advance from the group stage of the season’s group stage to the playoffs. The group stage of the season has 12 teams. The playoffs of the season can also be reached through Showdown, which is available to a larger number of organizations, including non-professional ones. The winner of each season is sent to participate in the World Final (World Final), as well as the winners of other prestigious tournaments (not including BLAST Premier). There is also a BLAST Premier Global Leaderboard, and top teams also play in the World Finals.

Blast results 2023

CS GO Blast

The season’s BLAST Premier Autumn Groups 2021 is crucial. The online competition got underway on September 16 and will last until September 26. There will be 12 teams competing from the CIS, Europe, and North America. Teams will fight for a $150,000 prize fund. including Natus Vincere, who just took home a million dollars and the Intel Grand Slam. But most fans will be waiting for FaZe and compLexity to meet. The fact is that compLexity is now supported by the global Parimatch esports ambassador Marcelo coldzera David. And everyone is wondering how he will play against FaZe, his former team.

12 participants of the tournament are divided into three groups, in each of which there are intriguing confrontations between the best teams in the world. Tournament format – double-elimination. Each group has four teams. The top two from each group advance to the Fall Finals. The last two teams from each group make it to the Fall Showdown. All matches are best of 3 (up to two wins).

In the first week, matches were held in Group A, where teams that had recently taken first place in the HLTV rating fought for qualification to the BLAST Premier: Fall Finals tournament. The main struggle for leadership in the group flared up between Vitality and Astralis. The Danish team, which is at the stage of restructuring after the departure of the long-term leader dev1ce, tried to impose competition on Vitality but lost. The French team led by ZywOo is in good shape. Last week, Vitality played a high-quality match of the ESL Pro League Season 14 final against NAVI, losing 2:3. At BLAST, Vitality advanced to the Fall Finals with three wins.

Blast Premier Spring 2023 is the most explosive, exciting, and spectacular esports event in the world. It is a global network of events that provide elite-level Counter-Strike and world-class entertainment for everyone. Blast Premier is a global ring event with a whopping $177,498 in prize money.

The BLAST Premier Spring 2023 CS GO event, in which 12 teams from Europe and North America competed for spots in the season finale, came to a finish in Copenhagen on January 29. The Esports Charts team estimated the tournament’s viewership and discovered that it had significantly declined over the previous year.

The first significant event of 2023, BLAST Premier Spring, kicks off a brand-new competitive season in the professional CS:GO circuit. The best teams in the globe competed for six spots in the BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2023 season finale at the tournament in Denmark. Team Vitality, FaZe Clan, and G2 Esports, the group-stage champions, took home three of them. The remaining three quotas were filled by Heroic, Astralis, and Natus Vincere on the Play-In stage.

13 million hours were spent watching BLAST Premier Spring 2023 matches, with an online viewership of 152,500 on average. The opening match between Natus Vincere and G2 Esports in the group stage attracted the most viewers ever (398.2 thousand), according to statistics.

Natus Vincere emerged as the tournament’s most well-liked team; overall, games featuring their involvement garnered 4.4 million hours of viewing, considerably outpacing other teams in this metric. G2 Esports, however, was in first place for the average number of viewers at events.

On all key measures, BLAST Premier Spring 2023 is noticeably worse than a comparable event last year. The average online time decreased by 42%, peak online time by about 26%, and hours watched decreased by 29%.

What led to this decline in metrics? Let’s start by paying attention to the broadcast languages: if English broadcasts saw a tiny gain in their online peak in 2023, the rest of the broadcast languages saw a dramatic decline. For instance, at BLAST Premier Spring 2022, about 179 thousand viewers simultaneously viewed the Russian-language stream; in 2023, this number fell to 84 thousand. The alteration of the lighting studio is the primary factor here (Relog Media cast the tournament instead of WePlay).

Regional Showdowns for Europe and North America will be BLAST’s following venue in the 2023 campaign. Between April 12 and 16, they will be held online. Each area will include eight teams competing for one spot in the BLAST Premier: Spring Final 2023. In June, the $450,000 spring season finale in Washington, D.C., will also serve as a qualifying event for BLAST Premier: World Final 2023.

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