00Nation is one of the most unique teams to play in the RMR. The roster includes true legends of the game, talented young players eager to prove themselves, and a lot of Brazilian culture and character sprinkled generously over the squad. But what makes this team so special?

TACO and coldzera

There are legendary duos in any sport, the ones that defined their era: Michael and Scottie, Kobe and Shaq, Xavi and Iniesta. One of the first ones that come to mind with CS:GO is coldzera and TACO. These guys won 2 Majors and several other big tournaments together (EPL, Epicenter and BLAST to name a few), and pretty much had their own era. Marcelo David even won 2 HLTV player of the year awards in a row and got immortalized via graffiti on Mirage.

Then TACO and cold spent several years playing in other teams. Marcelo even tried his luck in an all-star FaZe Clan roster, but to no avail. Despite having won more or less everything, these guys are still hungry for more and willing to put in their blood, sweat and right-clicks to play in the Major.

Young prodigies

00Nation is a combination of experience and potential, with TACO and cold being seasoned veterans, and the other 3 players soaking up their knowledge. These guys – try, latto and dumau, are 18-19 years old, have extremely good aim and potential to become the next TACO and cold (and one more like fnx or Fallen).

Santino “try” Rigal is a 9z Academy graduate and the only Argentinian player on the roster. Interesting fact: his career 2.0 rating is 1.21, but against top-10 teams it goes up to 1.24! This guy isn’t afraid of any big names: just point at the target and he’ll shoot.

Eduardo “dumau” Wolkmer and Bruno “latto” Rebelatto had previously played together for GODSENT (TACO was there, too) and they were the latest additions to the roster of 00 Nation, arriving on June, 30th. Pretty much all Brazilian players worship cold and TACO, so an invitation to play together with the legends was a no-brainer for them.


00Nation is a young, yet classy org. Just look at their initial announcement of entering CS:GO!

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They are young, bold, and passionate. They live and breathe CS:GO – that’s what they have in common with Skin.Club. And it makes this team a great partner, interesting for older players and newcomers alike. If you want to observe a good show, just tune in on a 00Nation game – they always deliver!